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Tree Trimming & Removal

We're always on the cutting edge.

Trees are an important and expensive part of any landscape. Proper trimming and pruning can offer a variety of benefits including increased curb appeal and improved health of your trees.  Some other benefits include:


  • Removing dead or damaged sections

  • Keeping power and utility lines clear

  • Preventing damage to your home from falling limbs

  • Increasing sunlight to your lawn, promoting plant growth

  • Complying with insurance requirements


It’s sad to lose a tree.  However, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tree if it’s become a hazard.  If your tree is dead, diseased, leaning over, or just in the wrong place, it’s time to give Green Team a call.  We have the expertise to remove trees and limbs safely and will leave your lawn spotless when the job is done.

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